Sydney Long: the Spirit of the Land

Sydney Long

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Author Anne Gray
ISBN 9780642334299
Pages 208 pages
Materials Illustrated in full colour
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Sydney Long (1871–1955) was Australia’s foremost Art Nouveau painter and one of the nation's major Symbolist artists. He created haunting scenes of the Australian landscape. His Art Nouveau works are like reveries, an escape from the everyday. He populated the prosaic Australian bush with nymphs and fauns whose poetic world was paralleled in the literature of Australian writers. His imagery captured the soul and tenor of the Australian bush and conveyed the lonely and primitive feelings of the country. Long also painted many delightful landscapes and cityscapes in Australia and Britain, in which he continued to demonstrate his interest in strong form. From 1918, he became a leading printmaker, devoting much of his time to printmaking in the succeeding 20 years.